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DBV-Technologies – the company that’s creating a range of products fighting food allergies

Cow’s milk protein allergy is an especially common pediatric allergy

As millions of people can testify, there’s never been a more important time to look seriously at food allergies and ways of alleviating the suffering of those affected by them. On there’s a wealth of information about just how much food allergies have spread in recent years – and it makes for grim reading. Lire la suite

DBV-Technologies – on the frontline in the battle against food allergies!

How the Viaskin® patch works

The field of medicine is a constantly-shifting battlefield – one fight is no sooner won than another struggle seems to take its place. Whilst recent years have seen many major successes in the treatment of a number of conditions, new challenges have appeared. Of these, the growing prevalence of allergies, especially food allergies, is one of the most pressing. DBV-Technologies is a French firm that is looking very closely at ways of combating the rise of this latter-day menace. Lire la suite